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Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
Johnson graduates know how to harness the collective strength of others to create extraordinary results. More than ever, leaders must be capable of sustaining, mining, and getting the most out of an organization. Through collaborative learning and immersion in real-world challenges, Johnson students gain essential business skills plus direct experience in leveraging the talent and knowledge of others, yielding more ideas, more possibilities, more thoughtful, well-rounded solutions and, ultimately, extraordinary results. When employers hire a Johnson grad, they get more than one person. They ge MORE DETAILS

♦ Average GMAT Score: 687

♦ % Female Students: 30

♦ % International Student Ratio: 31

♦ Average Salary: 97000

♦ Average Years Work: 5

♦ Accredited by: AACSB

♦ Average Programme Duration: 21

♦ School-sponsored Scholarship / Financial Aid ?: Yes

♦ Application Fee: USD200Full

♦ Minimum GMAT Score required?: No

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: 102960

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